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Just because.

Just because she said I wouldn't post it.

The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 6 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in awhile.

1. Ingrid.
2. Finishing my portfolio after years of being too much of a perfectionist.
3. Producing consistently good stuff for work.
4. The new Minus the Bear album.
5. The Orange Box.
6. Fiona counts as a thing, right?

I tag... the world.


I bought this tonight.



For those not in the know, Belle and I are moving to a new place on the 20th and we have to buy an apartment's worth of furniture. Well, I took the plunge and got a few items out of the way.

This evening's purchases.Collapse )

Small photo update

More from Seattle:

Cruise ship docked at the conference center.

A few more...Collapse )


Lookie at what I bought today.

Bye bye, sweet, sweet bonus.


An Event Apart Seattle

I'm currently at An Event Apart Seattle:

I'll have a more substantial update, pictures and otherwise, later tonight once the festivities conclude. In short, I am now a CSS Jedi and Grid Design Master. Or maybe not.


For those unaware, I've started a design and development company with three friends. Here's the business card that I've designed:

Creatabyte Business Card

Chuck Norris, you say? Why, he's the best project manager we've got.